Making Juvenile Diabetes A Little More Bearable
2006 CQMagOnline Project

Kimber Pekora and Nancy Combs 2006

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Sample Block by Kimber
Sample block by Kimber Pekora showing
2 of the velvet Teddy Bears we will use on the quilt.

We are excited to announce CQMagOnline's 2006 Project, Making Juvenile Diabetes A Little More Bearable. We will be making a wallhanging that will be given to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). You can visit JDRF site to see all the wonderful things they have done and the new projects in the works. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes. You will also find a great deal of useful information on the site for anyone who is living with diabetes.

The Foundation gives Teddy Bears to hospitalized children with Juvenile Diabetes, so we are creating a Teddy Bear Theme Wallhanging to be available for their annual Golf fund raiser in 2007.

We will present the quilt to JDRF on September 30, 2006

Our 2006 Project will be creating a child's theme Crazy Quilt Wallhanging with Teddy Bears as the *highlight* of the quilt. We will be making this quilt much like the Friendship Tapestry Quilt was made. Each block will be a finished piece, with the front embellished and on the back we ask that you write your Name and State and or Country, and perhaps a few words of cheer.

When we receive the blocks we will assemble the quilt using ribbon ties in each corner of the block to join them together. We have the tie ribbon in red, green and yellow and will add it to the blocks as we join them together. We are going to have small plush 2" bears placed randomly at some of the tie intersections. The tied blocks will hang from a rod pocket made for the top of the quilt.

How you can help...

Create a *Finished (front and back) 6" x 6" Crazy Quilt Block using bright fun colors with a Teddy Bear (motif, charm or button) located somewhere on the block.


*We ask that each block depict a Teddy Bear theme and represent the beautiful work of Crazy Quilting.

* Teddy Bears, Children's Theme ~ bright, colorful and fun.

* Please use good quality cottons, silks, or satins.

*Cheerful and fun fabrics : ex. blue, green ,yellow, purple, red, orange etc.. No black please

*6" x 6" *Finished Block* By finished we mean that when you have finished embellishing the front simply choose a fabric for the backing and place it right sides together with the embellished block and stitch them together leaving a small opening for you to turn it right side out and then whip stitch the opening closed. Just as if you were making a pillow. Block must measure 6" x 6" square when finished.

*We ask that it be quality workmanship using silk ribbon, beading and embroidery. You may use good quality charms and buttons.

*Name and State or Country:
*We will want this information on the back of your completed block. You can stitch it or use a permanent fabric marking pen.

*Deadline for completion:
Mail to reach us by August 25, 2006.

*Send completed blocks to: *Kimber Pekora
4584 Route 47
Delmont NJ 08314

Email CQMagOnline Project 2006 with any questions.

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