Crazy Quilted Journal Cover

Lisa DuCoing © 2006

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Front of Journal
Supplies Needed:
Hardback book (I used an “anything book” journal from
Foundation muslin.
Assorted fancy fabrics.
2 pieces of fabric (silk works better than brocade or satin) hemmed down one side and about 1” larger than the front cover of the book (these will be the book cover flaps).
Assortment of embroidery threads: silk and rayon threads
Silk ribbons in 4 and 7mm widths
Assortment of beads
Printed Silk Motif

A small book about 5" X 7" works best I lay the book on my muslin and outline my block so that I have about 1" larger than the book. I turn the book over and continue with the other side. At this point I have a piece of muslin with a rectangle shaped outline marked on it.

Roughly the right half of your block will be the front of the book. You will have about ¾” of wasted space on the right edge. Roughly center you front motif in the middle of the right hand side. Roughly center your back motif (if you have one) in the middle of the left hand side.

Piece and embellish the block to your hearts content. Try not to put any beads within approximately 1” of the edge.


When you've embellished until you just can't do anymore (or when you think your finished), its time to assemble the book. Take the two pieces of hemmed fabric. Place one piece inside the cover with hemmed portion towards the spine of the book and the hem towards the cover.
Close book.

You have a piece of fabric with about 1” of raw edges sticking out at top, side, and bottom. Fold the edges over and pin…then tack with thread.


Turn book over and repeat the process with the other piece of fabric on the back cover.

Now lay your block on the cover with the edges hanging over the edges. Fold edges under so that they are between the block and cover. Pin to edges of the fabric you have tacked down.

  Fold edges under all the way around and pin. This is your chance to move it around and center things the way you like (the reason for the 1” around the block).  
  Whip stitch the block to the fabric around the front and then around the back.  
Your book is now beautifully covered and ready for use.
Back of Journal

About the artist:
Lisa DuCoing has never been published before now, has no website, and doesn't sell anything. She has been CQing for about 20 years now...and considers it to be excellent therapy. Lisa says part of the fun for her is the unpredictability....She never quite knows how her work will turn out.

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