Flights of Fancy Boutique

Trims and embellishments for crazy quilting,
scrapbooking, stamping and crafting are
available to you in our exclusive collections.

These packets of flower beads and fibers are the most unique and exquisite you will find. There is a small bag of flower beads in a variety of shapes and sizes with between 16 - 20 beads per bag. The fiber bag contains 10 one yard pieces of unique, fancy fiber suitable for embroidery, couching, embellishing, card making or any number of projects. These flower beads are the ones used in Judith and Kathryn's "Beautiful Beading" and "Creative Beading" books.

Pink and purple
Springtime (shades of pink)
Lavender Blush (shades of lavender) 
Orange and blue
Blue Mood (shades of blue)
Early Fall (shades of orange)  

Snow Blossom (white beads) 

Shades of Green (shades of green)

  Creative Beading
by Judith and Kathryn
Another beautiful book by these two extraordinarily talented ladies. The soft cover book shows a fabulous array of embroidery and beading fashioned on everything from Victorian prints to handbags, brooches to pillows. You will be captivated by the beauty on each page.  

Flights of Fancy Boutique