A Framed Mini-CQ Quilt for My Parent's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Julie O. Yonge 2006

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This was an easy and fun project to do. I simply chose the size of the foundation piece based on a standard frame size. I chose something around 18" x 22". I CQ'd a foundation of white-on-white and embellished it with lots of fun items and stitching. I used various white and cream fabrics, laces, lace motifs, threads, charms, beads, buttons, silk ribbon, and even one of my mother's old handkerchiefs.

This being a special anniversary, I also decided to add pictures of my parents on the piece ranging from their high school days to the present. I collected pictures and scanned them. Using Adobe Photoshop, I sharpened the pictures a bit, did some corrective editing, added some contrast which is helpful when printing on fabric and then produced them all in matching sepia tones. Since I was working with white-on-white, I thought the sepia tones would blend with the overall color scheme better than a mixture of black and white and color photos. To do this in your Adobe Photoshop you use the advanced features and edit or subtract your color saturation (basically eliminating your color.) Using the color balance, play with the colors (CMY and RGB) until you get the preferred brown sepia tone. I then printed the photos on silk, burned the edges to stop fraying and stitched them to the foundation piece using the metallic gold Yenmet thread.

Once I completed the embellishments and added a piece of low loft cotton batting to the back, I added a finishing stitch all around the outside edges. I had the piece framed in an antique gold frame with depth to give a bit of a shadow box feel with a glass front. It was presented to my parents on their anniversary and now hangs in their living room.

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