Jocelyn's Crinoline Lady

Stephanie Novatski © 2006

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One of our readers, a CQ Artist from New Zealand, Jocelyn Goodger, shared this picture of a crinoline lady she created using hand dyed lace fan motifs and some embroidery stitches. I found it so charming, I asked her if I could do an article on it and she agreed.

The lace motifs she used are really quite small—3” x 2” at the widest points which makes this lovely lady so much more special.

Jocelyn hand-dyed the motifs herself and used 2 for this picture. One was used for the skirt and a second for the parasol. The very point was cut off for the skirt. The top portion of the motif was removed and used for the parasol.

Below is a sketch of the construction, showing the placement of the lace and the lines to embroider for her body, arms, dress bodice, hat, hair, and parasol handle. Jocelyn used a stem stitch for the outline and French knots to decorate her bodice.

Thanks again Jocelyn for sharing this small wonder.

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