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Ever have an odd size patch that you don’t know what to do with? A motif is just not right? I have had this problem and thought I would share some of my solutions.

Broderie Perse

Broderie Perse is a type of appliqué. Here I took a small floral print fabric, ironed fusible web to the back, cut out the flowers, and then ironed them on the patch. To finish up, I did a fine blanket stitch with metallic thread around the edges of the flowers. 


Flower Beads

I love beads. I have to force myself not to use too many! Here are some examples of beaded flowers scattered over a patch. 


There are so many lovely flower beads available today. There are plastic and glass versions. Examples show the flowers scattered on a patch with and without silk ribbon leaves and some glass, some plastic.


Here is an example of a patch with beads scattered and then connected with gold metallic thread. I was going for the look of a constellation. 


Another of my favorite things to use is sequins—with beads of course! Sequins are so readily available in so many size shapes, colors and finishes. Here is an example of using star sequins. 


Stitching and Sequins

I also like to fill a patch with concentric lines of the same stitch in a variegated thread. On this example, I also added flower sequins. 

I hope these examples have spurred your imagination. You can do so much using just one technique or combining several to give a patch a totally unique look.

Editor's note: These pictures do not enlarge.

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