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Reviewed by Alanna Heaton 2006

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Crazy Quilt Decor

by J. Marsha Michler


ISBN: 0-87349-765-1


You love crazy quilting, right? You've made a few things but what to do with them? What else can you do with CQ? This book has the answer. Whether you are just starting out on your CQ adventure or are an experienced CQer this book will give you ways to use your CQ to decorate your home.

This book contains over 50 projects for every room in your home. It uses fabrics from cottons to fancies and embellishments from plain to extravagant and everything in between. This book also gives you a good idea of how to start out. If you have never crazy quilted before, the first chapter gives you enough information to start on the basic projects. If you are experienced, this same section may give you a tip or two you hadn't thought of before. There are also construction and embellishing tips and tricks throughout the various projects.

The book itself is paperback and just under 8.5" x 11" in size. It is printed on heavy gloss paper for durability. Illustrations, color photographs and patterns accompany every project. The text is large enough for even old eyes like mine to read without strain and the directions are clear, easy to follow and to the point.

The simplest project in the book is a CQ heart. Each themed chapter features its own version of the CQ heart. Wallhangings, pillows, totes, doll clothes, bath mats, quilts, lampshades, coasters and curtains are all covered in the book plus many more ideas. There has been some discussion in the mailing list groups lately about all-lace CQ called Normandy lace. This book has the directions to make all-lace CQ curtains!

The various chapters present themes such as Far East Odyssey, Western Wanderings, Victorian adVenture (sic), Country Capers, and Waxing Whimsical. If you are stuck for ideas on how to use your crazy quilting skills, this is the book for you.

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