Pretty Bubbles

Nancy Combs 2006

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The silk print used in this block has always been a favorite of mine. I finally collected the tonal fabrics I wanted on this block and used embellishments to add color.

Pat Winter hand-dyed the motifs for me and got just the right colorway.

Here is a diagram for how I pieced the block. Making sure to include a quarter inch seam allowance, piece in the numbered sequence shown. (1 through 9) 

I have noted the seam treatment embellishments by the color of the line. The following is a list of fibers and beads used. All threads are Kreinik Bella. All beads and Crystal Treasures are from Mill Hill.

Kreinik Silk Threads:

A - Red Seam: Bella 2033 Light Lemon
B - Blue Seam: Bella 1047 Very Dark Cobalt Violet
C - Pink Seam: Bella 1119 Garnet
D - Green Seam: Bella 4024 Medium Dusty green
E - Aqua Seam: Bella 2016 Dark Gold
F - Purple Seam: Bella 2913 ( Herringbone Stitch) 1033 Light Pink
Bella 4024 (Colonial Knots) 4024 medium dusty green
Flowers at waist are Colonial Knots in 1119 Dark Garnet

Mill Hill Beads:

Seam B - Blue: Mill Hill 02005 Dusty Pink
Seam C - Pink: Mill Hill 02019 Crystal Honey
Mill Hill Beads on left side motif: 02005 Dusty Pink
Mill Hill Crystal Treasures on Floral Spray:
Crystal Treasures, 13062 Rose, 13054 Siam, 13023
Crystal, 13010 Vitrail
At waist: Mill Hill 42031 Petite Seed Beads Citron


Mill Hill Beads
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