WOW Neck Pillow

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Block ready for embellishment

WOW! The elegance of white on white (WOW) recalls the beauty of brides, evening wear, pearls, a Victorian Parasol dripping with lace and fringe or long white gloves.

I like monochromatic pieces, especially white on white. So when an email group I belong to decided to have a WOW Round Robin (RR), I had to sign up.

White is not a single color, there are over 600 shades of white paint that car manufacturers use. If you ever had to have a white car painted you would know what I mean. Based on this premise I used various shades of white to piece my block.

Deciding to make a neck pillow, when my block returns home, I designed an eight by fourteen inch block. I love fans and decided to set a fan in opposing corners of the piece. I made up the fan pattern and cut it from tag board.

Fan Block Fan block Templates Fan Template

Note: Piece #6 is optional for making the fan block in this neck pillow design. You may either stitch the 2 number 6 pieces together or use the crazy patch pieces in their place, as in the finished block shown above.

To get my Crazy Quilt pieces I had to tape 2 pieces of printer paper together to get the right width. I used the basic fan template to mark off the opposing corners. In the remaining space I used a ruler to mark the crazy patches. (see templates)

Placement diagram for patches Templates

General instructions: Cut out the fan pieces using the templates but omit template piece #6.  It was not used in this construction; it was replaced with the crazy patch template pieces.

Important Note: Be sure to add one quarter inch seam allowance all around each piece before you cut them out.

Piece the fan blades and carefully press.

Hint: Use the basic fan template to help turn under the seam allowance on the top curved edge. Place the template on the back of the fan and use your fingers to turn the fabric down 1/4" across the curved top and press carefully.

Use the template for #7 to press the curved seam allowance for piece #7 and appliqué it to the blades. Set fan aside.

To back the block I cut a piece of muslin 12 X 14 inches.

Piece the crazy patches in the following sequence:
Sew patches 1, 2, and 3 together, add piece #4 to the side of #2 and #3. Set this aside for now.
Sew patches #5 and #6 together then add #7 and #8.
Now add patches #1, 2, 3 and 4 to #5, 6, 7 and 8 by sewing Patch #5 along the edge of patches # 3 & 4.
Carefully press the completed section.

Baste the completed Crazy patches to the muslin using the diagram as your guide. Appliqué your fans to the crazy patches to complete the design. Carefully press the finished block. Baste or machine stitch within the seam allowance around the completed block.

I purchased some vintage tatting at an estate sale and added it to the fan. Knowing how Dupioni unravels and that the block would have to be sent to eleven different people, I sewed a bias binding around all sides of the block for security.

I hope you have been inspired to make a WOW block at some time. If you should, don't forget to send pictures to our Readers Showcase .

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