Lace and Trim "May Day" Bracelets

Pat Winter 2006

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May Day is the perfect time to delight a friend or neighbor with this simple bracelet made from your trim or lace scraps. Instead of the usual basket of flowers hung on the doorknob to celebrate the arrival of May, why not hang one of these pretty and unique bracelets around the knob? I don't think the recipient will mind receiving a wrist full of flowers instead.

To make these bracelets you will need to measure your wrist and add a little if your wrist is small. I used 6" pieces, but I have a small wrist. You can always make it a bit larger and use a longer piece of Velcro to secure for various sized wrists.

  To make the beaded bracelets, you will want to gather small flower beads, pretty floral trim, 1" to 2" wide lace in 6" to 8" lengths, tiny charms, and jump rings to dangle beads and charms from. 
Lay out the length of lace or metallic trim. This will be the base of bracelet. Sew a pretty floral trim down the center of base. You can glue, but I prefer sewing using a matching metallic thread. Sew or glue small tabs of Velcro on each end of base to secure. Put jump rings on charms, beads, or flower beads to make a nice pattern. Sew these on the base randomly.    

To make silk ribbon embroidered bracelets:

Lay out desired length of lace. Starting in center of lace decorate with silk ribbon embroidered flowers.    

Fargo roses work well. Add beads and a charm if desired. Iron on a fusible interfacing under the embroidery to secure and hide stitches. Sew or glue on the Velcro closures.


Supplies needed: 6" to 8" metallic trim or lace scraps. Assorted flower beads, and charms, jump rings,clasps or Velcro, floral trim like Mokuba or similar, matching thread or glue.

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