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The DMC Senso Wool Cotton thread is 70% cotton and 30% wool blend. This is a size 3 crochet thread that comes in balls of 100 yards each. It is a little heavy for tatting but is can be used for crochet, knitting. I think it will also work beautifully in a crewel type embroidery, satin stitching and in the seam treatments of crazy quilting. Of course the thread also lends itself to home décor and wearable's.

Worked up the thread has a soft smooth texture that would feel wonderful on the skin. The colors are subtle and trendy with nine different colors available. See the lavender example above.

The DMC Senso Microfiber Cotton is a thread offering all the advantages of this new high technology fibre. It is composed of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic making it an easy to use thread that is soft, light and comfortable to work with, and that is easy to care for and iron. The thread is size 3 and it is packaged in balls of 150 yards each and comes in ten luscious colors. See the blue flower example above.

Senso Microfiber Cotton has a soft texture that will work well in knit and crochet for babie's clothing, fashion wear and home décor projects. It can be used in crazy quilt seam treatments and motifs.

I found the Senso Wool/Cotton thread to have a softer and smoother texture than the Senso Microfiber Cotton. The yellow centers and green leaves were made with threads from my stash.


DMC Senso Wool/Cotton: Color Chart
Senso Microfiber Cotton: Color Chart

The examples shown are my adaptation of a pattern by Nicky Epstein in her book Knitted Embellishments. 

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