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How many times do you find yourself licking your fingers to turn an instruction page, thread a needle or pick up a small seed bead? While at the Houston Quilt Market I saw a new product that I really like! This super product comes in a neat little box with a hinged cover so you don't lose the cover.

LickityGrip is a grip enhancer that was designed specifically for the sewing/craft world that essentially licks your fingers so you don't have to! LickityGrip attracts moisture to give you a better grip for better control.

How do you use LickityGrip?
Press and swirl fingertips several times in a circular motion across LickityGrip. Rub with thumb until dry. Once LickityGrip is dry it will not stain your fabrics, papers or other crafting materials. Reapply as necessary.

If you are machine quilting or using the palms of your hands in addition to your fingertips, swirl your fingers across the LickityGrip and then rub your fingertips on your hands until dry spreading LickityGrip evenly to all surfaces desired. Reapply as necessary.

LickityGrip offers these outstanding features:
Odor Free
Acid Free
Hypo allergenic
No greasy, gummy or sticky residue left on your fingers!
No perfumes, dyes, silicone, petroleum products, lanolin, animal by-products or salicylates.
All ingredients are food grade.

Every time I sit down to Crazy Quilt, embroider or bead I rub some on my fingers and it is amazing how much more relaxed my hands are after several hours of sewing. It literally disappears into your fingertips and you do not realize it is even there, but boy does it work! I find that I am not gripping the needle with the death grip I used to use.

To find a retailer near you click on your state from this website!

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