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Innocence In The Round:

The picture is printed on Tyvec which gives it a nice 'painterly' texture, and I enhanced the colors with colored pencil. It includes rose quartz and cloisonné donuts, glass beads and gold metallic thread. The circles are from ties, and are done from upholstery fabric. I am trying to experiment with the written word: "Innocence" is thread painted freehand.

Treasure Precious Friendships:

More experimentation with the written word; I am quite liking it. "Treasure" includes a print on silk obtained in a swap, satin cord, bits of jewelry, cloisonné and glass beads, shell, pearls recycled lace, manufactured flowers and ties, and is done on upholstery fabric.



Catch A Falling Star:

If you look really closely you can be a star too! It is all ties! Most of them are silk; I also used glass beads, ribbon, fabric paint and mirrors. It was fun making the binding mimic the front. Photographing a piece with mirrors in it is a bit tricky!

I have also been playing around with making Ti-Di Bags, little works of art made from ties.

Material Girl:

Currently wowing them in Prague! She originally came off a perfume bottle and waited around for a couple of years until inspiration struck. I also made a presentation box for her, keeping it flat for easier mailing.

Red Agate Moon:

Detail of agates, hematite, citrine, glass, tigereye and wood beads, Swarovski crystals, and an earring! The tie was used inside out to get exactly the right color.

Shell Game:

Glass beads, gemstone donut, shell shapes, and lined with a tie.

Shell Game

There's Dolphins In My Ocean

There's Dolphins In My Ocean:

With matching brooch. Commissioned for a wedding on the beach in Cuba. This bag has an optional short strap; just tuck the unwanted one inside.
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