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Unfortunately, cancer has touched most of us in one way or another. Cancer has taken my grandmother, father-in-law, and my father.  It has invaded many of my friends lives. Each time I learn this dreaded disease has found its way into another life, I can't help but ask myself, “What can I do about it?” I have nothing to offer but compassion and a wish for a cure for cancer.

If you have ever asked yourself that same question and are a fiber artist of any form (quilter, embroiderer, etc) who creates quality work, then read on about something you can do today to help raise funds for cancer research. Not only will you be raising money for this important cause, but you will be having fun doing so. If you don't think it is possible, how does $50,000 in donations in just over one year sound? That is how much Virginia Spiegel, artist and founder of “ Fiberarts For A Cause,” has raised through her own work and that of artists like you. Come join Virginia, meet new friends, and create for the cause. Together, we can do this!

Virginia Spiegel started “Fiberarts For A Cause" in April 2005. It is an international fund raising effort by fiber artists for the American Cancer Society. Funds are raised through the donation of fiberart postcards and other fiber-related projects.  Anyone can donate a fiberart postcard, but there are guidelines.  Click here for details from Virginia's website.

One hundred percent of funds raised are donated to the American Cancer Society. The fiberart postcards are available for a $30 donation to the American Cancer Society at the International Quilt Festivals (IQF) in Chicago and Houston. Patrons attending the IQF can make out a check for a minimum $30 donation to the American Cancer Society and choose a postcard from the display to take home with them.

The next showing of the postcards will be at the IQF in Houston during November 2006. Karey Bresenham, director of the International Quilt Festivals and honorary chairperson of Fiberart For A Cause, donates the booth space and materials to prepare the postcards for display.

Virginia states, “Fiberarts For A Cause could not have raised $50,000 for the American Cancer Society in just over a year without many people adopting the cause as their own. Karey Bresenhan, a cancer survivor, has been most generous in her support so that Fiberart For A Cause can reach thousands of people at the International Quilt Festivals. The Quiltart online list members have been donating fiberart postcards from the very beginning. We received early and positive press from Quilting Arts magazine and Quilters Newsletter Magazine which spread the word about our efforts to fiber artists around the world. My sister, Nancy J. Spiegel Rosman, has helped me grow FFAC from seven fiberart postcards sold online. Hundreds of other volunteers have helped make our participation at the International Quilt Festival possible and successful.

The postcard donors send their best work and the donors are happy to start or add to their fiberart collection or acquire a FFAC fiberart postcard as a special gift. Truly this is a fund raising project where everyone wins!"

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*Fiberart For A Cause: Fundraising for the American Cancer Society. Over $50,000 raised to date.


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