Bead Creative Art Quilts Book Review

Gwen Frazier 2006

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Bead Creative Art Quilts

Nancy Eha

Creative Visions Press

ISBN 13: 978-0-9656476-3-2

I first met Nancy Eha at Quilt Festival four years ago when I took her beginning beading on fabric class. Nancy is a great teacher and I learned so much in a day of beading with her! I have since used all of her techniques in my crazy quilting and I also credit her with my passion for beads. I have anxiously awaited her new book and my wait was rewarded with a beautiful full color book with lots of eye candy!

One of the things I like most about this new book is the clear easy to understand instructions with great graphics. This book was written so a beginner can understand as well as a beading veteran. The bright color pictures show great detail of the bead choices which make it excellent for someone just starting to bead.

All of her beading in this book is on fabric which makes it a natural fit for Crazy Quilting. I especially like Chapter 6 Basic Bead Embroidery and Beyond. This chapter establishes the basic foundation for the more elaborate beading techniques in later chapters. The beaded backstitch is explained in depth and is probably the stitch I use more than any other stitch and is useful for outlining shapes, filling in an area or writing text. Here is an example of a beaded butterfly that I beaded on a crazy quilt.


I found a beautiful butterfly material had good colors on it and I was able to take my cue for bead colors by the fabric colors. I fused Wonder Under to the back of the fabric and then carefully cut out the butterfly. I then fused it to my CQ block and then beaded over it.

Keep this book handy, you will refer to it often for inspiration, planning, and creating dazzling beaded art!

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