"Daisies Don't Tell": A Photo Essay

Rissa Peace Root 2006

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Do not miss the chance to see this amazing antique Crazy Quilt if you ever get the opportunity to visit the airport in Louisville, Kentucky.  This fabulous quilt is owned by the Standiford Field Art Foundation and is on display in the public access area, just down the hallway to the left of the restaurants, so you do not need a plane ticket or have to go through security to view this incredible piece of history.  I really have to thank my friend and fellow crazy quilter, Karen South, for telling me about the existence of this quilt and sending me on the journey to find it.  It was pretty easy to find, even though none of the employees I spoke to had any idea what or where it was.

My husband brought along his camera and took several photographs at my request and I thought I would share them, since there seems to be so little information available online about this quilt.  It is under glass, so it was hard to get good photographs.  I decided to share these photos as is, without retouching the color or brightness.  The detail on this quilt is amazing, it must have been the culmination of years worth of stitching.  The center is especially impressive, with heavy use of large motifs, padded and raised work. 

I am making inquiries to find out if I can study this quilt in detail.  I would like to spend several days with my camera, my sketchbook and this quilt.  It really deserves close inspection and study.  The amount of time and effort that went into this piece of work is just amazing.  It must have been the crowning glory for Lizzie Holliger.  I wish I knew more about her and this masterpiece.  With luck, I will be able to learn more in the upcoming months.


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