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Once Upon A Time, it was my first Round Robin with the Crazy Quilt International group at Yahoo. The theme was Tea Party—and as I searched for an idea for my block, I suddenly remembered Hideko Ishida's wonderful CQ interpretation of the Japanese children's book “Milky Way Railroad” by Kenji Miyazawa.

From there it was just a short segue to one of my favorite books, “Tea With The Black Dragon”, and so to the naked block:

When I posted “Oolong's” photo to the CQI group, suddenly we were alight with ideas! Most of us had a favorite book (or three!), so ten of us in two groups of five got busy. Here then are the Works In Progress from group 2, who were off to a quick start with “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis, “Hitty, Her First Hundred Years” by Rachel Field, “Rejar” by Dara Joy, “The Grand Sophy” by Georgette Heyer, and Lark Rise to Candleford" by Flora Thompson.

Hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California is Rendi's “Narnia”, depicting noble Aslan, with my beaded version of the White Witch, Jadis. This block was really fun to work on—every child I showed it to knew exactly what book it came from. 
Then along came “Hitty's” block by Jackie Y. in Illinois. “Hitty: Her First Hundred Years” is about the beloved pocket doll and her many adventures. Since Hitty could not personally travel this time, Jackie sent a block to represent her. Hideko has portrayed Japanese Koi-Nobori flags, and the children's favorite “Hello Kitty. As it turns out, Jackie's Hitty dolls were so excited about their block, they have created their own blog to view the progress of the group:  

They keep us working; there is nothing more forlorn than Hitty looking in her mailbox, hoping to see the next block!

Our third book and block is my rendition of “The Grand Sophy”—a light-hearted look at the historic Regency period in English history; think Jane Austin with a sense of humor. Jackie S. has chosen to portray “Salamanca”, Sophy's fiery Mameluke-trained stallion in fine stem stitch.

Hideko's block turned up with a lovely print and vintage handkerchiefs to represent “Lark Rising”, the story of a tiny hamlet set in turn of the century English countryside. Rendi chose May Day for her theme, complete with ribbons streaming from the maypole. I “landscaped” a bit of country with a warm summer sky, blossoming tree and field of flowers.  

Our fifth entry is “Rejar”: a true “bodice-ripper” set in 1811 London sent to us by Jackie S; the naked block is beautifully white on white. Jackie Y. was the first to take on the challenge with a terrific portrayal of Rejar in his cat form—yards and yards of black Whisper thread, with a lovely beaded collar. The hand-dyed fan is for hiding all of our blushes!

Jill and Kerry at CQI keep a lively parade of RR's, Swaps and Exchanges, and a huge gallery of photos. Drop by to see the great work from all members, and view the future progress of our Paperback Heroes!

Crazy Quilting International at Yahoo Groups

All photos courtesy of CQI members: Jackie Young, Jackie Schobert, Hideko Ishida and Rendi Ames. Thanks, gals!

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