My Four Seasons Wallhanging
Continues with
Summer and Autumn

Maureen Greeson 2006

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Last issue we featured Spring and Winter. Now we complete the seasons with Summer and Autumn.

A single "bows" trim surrounds Summer. A hand-dyed motif was added to the left side with individual flowers and beads for dimension. I finished off the embellishment with an array of simple silk embroidery and gathered lettuce-edge flowers with beaded centers and leaves. 
I began by adding an antique motif to the left side of the oval picture of Autumn and then finished surrounding the oval with a "buds & bows" chenille trim in fall colors. I then outlined the motif using a chain stitch on the stems and a single overcast stitch for the "pods." A small grouping of pressed glass leaves in various autumn colors was placed at the bottom. These larger beads can be prearranged and held on with double-sided tape until they are stitched in place. I'm not sure whether or not I will add more to Autumn as I finish the wallhanging, but have found I'm really stuck on "sparse" for her. Maybe inspiration will hit me a little later. 

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