Round Robin Block Amnesty

Rissa Peace Root 2006

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There has been a lot of talk about missing, lost and stolen blocks from round robins on the Quiltropolis Crazy Quilt email list.  It would seem that the majority of blocks that go missing (some of mine included) are lost in the mail and there is no way to reclaim them. The best way to help them find their way home is to clearly mark all of your information in permanent marker on the block itself, but it is certainly no guarantee. Occasionally, a block is held up somewhere along the round robin path for other reasons.

Sometimes things get out of control, our lives are unpredictable, and honest mistakes happen.  Illness can cause delays, packages can get misplaced, the accompanying documentation may disappear, a block might get buried under a pile of fabric, only to be discovered at some distant time or place.  Somewhere along the line, it might become just too embarrassing or awkward for someone to return or forward the block. In the past, Nark would make arrangements to accept blocks and return them to their rightful owners anonymously, but she is no longer on the email list.  When Willa said that people had actually taken advantage of the offer, I volunteered to help get blocks back to the rightful owner; no questions asked, no animosity, and no repercussions. 

In an effort to encourage people to take advantage of the amnesty offer, I decided to add an extra layer of anonymity by publishing a mailing address here.  That way, anyone who wants to return a block can do so without emailing me first for a snail mail address.  I will in turn pay to mail those blocks to the appropriate person, without identifying the sender.  If any blocks come in that can not be identified, we will maintain a photo gallery on this web site to display them until claimed by their owners.

If you have a round robin block or documentation that you would like to see returned to its owner anonymously, you can send it to me and I will forward it on your behalf.  This offer is not limited to round robins hosted on any one list; I am willing to do this for anyone in the Crazy Quilting community.

Rissa Peace Root
c/o MNC
RIDGELAND MS  39157-8769

This is a sincere offer. If just one person takes advantage of this offer, it will be worth the time, trouble and postage.

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