Forget Wearing Purple When I Get Old...

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Jacket Front

Jacket Back
.... Because I finished my purple jacket and when I put it on I look like a couch!

Very disappointing, but we must be brave and move on to overcome these little mishaps. It will make a great crazy quilt. I will start cutting it into blocks right after I take a picture or two for this article. If I wore a size 1 it might look ok, but I don't wear anything even close to a size 1, so the jacket is in for a complete make over.

Crazy Quilts are wonderful because they allow us to do things like this and the end results are wonderful. I used many of my very old and cherished pieces of lace on this jacket, so it has to be salvaged.


The purple satin lining will make a great backing. I will probably string piece the satin to get a large solid piece of fabric, and I will piece it to a foundation so I can sew it on the diagonal.

The story of the purple jacket goes on, and now it becomes the story of the purple crazy quilt. In October, it may be the story of the purple pillow. To be continued……..

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