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Brilliant Bags:

20 Beautiful Bags to Stitch & Love

By Deena Beverly

C&T; Publishing Inc.

ISBN:  1571203702

From the first time I saw this book, I knew I wanted a copy for my own library.

At first glance, the Picture Postcard Purse on page 46 captured my attention, but there are many other equally inspirational projects. I will admit that I have not yet made any of the purses or bags, but Beverly's directions seem clear and easy to follow. Her book has a variety of patterns from a small clutch to an overnight bag. She offers many projects, both practical and fanciful. Many of her designs are already embellished, but some of them could easily be translated into Crazy Quilting.

I have been mulling over the Picture Postcard Project, since the day I first saw it in Texas. I enjoy printing on fabric, but something about the particular print of the Eiffel Tower she used really captured my attention. Personally, I think it would be interesting to try to get a similar effect by using brown fabric and discharge paste on a rubber stamp. Even if I never make the bag, I have that idea germinating in my head and it will eventually find its way into my needle work. Occasionally, when you are lucky, a book offers more than just instructions and patterns.

Deena Beverly's Brilliant Bags is full of interesting and innovative ideas. I hope that you will be equally inspired when you flip through its pages.

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