My Blue Mermaid

Dean Deerfield 2006

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I thought I had my mermaid quilt finished, but when I saw it hanging at the quilt show, I realized I needed to make some changes. I made the hair from real hair, and have had trouble keeping it smooth and not frizzy. In order to make it stay flat I had to do a lot of embellishing and it does not look good.


So, I am going to redo her hair and that is not going to be an easy job. Nevertheless it has to be done. I will use eyelash the second time around and I expect it to work much better.

The quilt needs some kind of border, not a binding, but a boundary across the top and down a little on the sides, just inside the edge of the quilt. The end is in site. I have been working on this quilt over six years, off and on. My quilt and I are going into our sixth year together. Do you think a person can bond with a quilt? If I have to continue working on it much longer it will become a love - hate relationship.

This is a full size quilt and has many hours of work on it. The tail has over 2000 individual scales, made from silk and burned around the edges. It has been an experience, and most likely I will not do another art quilt this size. The fish are all beaded and the beads make them look wet.

People ask me what I plan to do with it. I don't have a clue. Anyone out there want to buy a mermaid quilt? If worse comes to worse, I guess I will put it on the bed, or make a shower curtain out of it.

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