Blocks From My Crazy Quilt Block of the Month Class

Dean Deerfield 2006

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I am teaching at The Quilting Patch in Midland, Texas.  We meet one day a month and work on our crazy quilt block of the month. I am always amazed at how quickly beginners catch on to the process of crazy quilting, and how much they enjoy the freedom the process allows them. In the beginning my students are shy about embellishments. As their courage increases they sew on more and more fun things. One day they show up for class with a block covered with wonderful treasures, and they are so pleased with their accomplishments.

We have finished nine blocks. Three of my blocks are at the quilt shop on the wall, but I will share the ones I have and tell you about the ones I don't have to show you.







The white block is January, pink for February, green is shown as March. April is blue for April showers, May is the floral for May flowers, June is in purple, July is patriotic red, white, blue. While August has a pinkish copper color, September will be shades of turquoise , October will have soft oranges and dark to medium browns. November will be another combination of Autumn colors not used in the September block. The December block has the holiday colors as pictured.

I plan to have knee surgery the 25th of this month. I told my students to work hard and get as much done as possible while I am learning to walk again. After I recover enough to get to the quilt shop we will resume work on our quilts.

We have a great group and it continues to be a fun journey.

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