Carole Samples Dream-a-Seam Templates

by Sharon Boggon 2006

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Many crazy quilters embark upon embellishing their seams with great enthusiasm and vigour only to be stalled because of the desire to create regular, evenly spaced stitches. A desire for perfectionism sets in and disappointed in their efforts they become a little demoralised. Now Carole Samples comes to the rescue as her Dream-a-Seam templates are a wonderful aid in this embroiders quest. Normally I am not one for knick knacks and tools that clutter up storage space where good quality stash should live. It is easy to have tools that are unused and unloved which are eventually pushed to the back of the cupboard never to be thought of again. I am a give me a block some needles and a thread and let's just get on with it sort of person. I don't like faffing about too often or too much.

Carole Samples Dream-a-Seam templates however are the exception to the rule. I have owned a set of these for a year now and find I am using them more and more. They sit in my sewing box and I reach for them constantly. Using them as tools have become part of my stitching practice and I feel I can recommend them as an extremely worthwhile stitchers aid.

The Dream-a-Seam templates are a range of plastic templates that are used to mark seams on a crazy quilt block before embroidering and embellishing. Within the full set there is a collection of 99 edges for pre-marking seams and motifs in crazy quilting projects. They are designed to assist you in producing evenly spaced, equal sized stitches. However, apart from that practical application, I have found using them provokes fresh ideas on how to combine different stitches. In other words, they are also a source of inspiration.

For anyone who is stumped for fresh ideas when it comes to combining stitches on seam embellishments, Carole Samples set of 33 templates will provide enough inspiration to keep you busy for years! Just think of the math, in this there are 99 edges. Each edge can be duplicated, flipped and repeated in various ways. Each edge can also be combined with any other edge, which as a combination can be duplicated, flipped and repeated. More than two templates can be used together, which makes the number of available combinations endless. In fact if you sat down and tried to work out all the possible combinations available to you I think you would not be able to stitch them all before you die. I mean this literally. A computer could work out the combinations available but it would reveal that thousands if not millions of combinations are available to stitchers.

Carole Samples approaches the classification of crazy quilt stitches used in hand embroidery in a logical and comprehensive manner. Each set of templates comes with detailed instructions on how to use them and workshop notes. The templates themselves are made of a plastic similar to quilters plastic so should withstand normal handling. The set comes with two small rings on to which to store the templates. Although the Dream-a-Seam templates are designed to be used with Carole Samples book Treasury of Crazyquilt Stitches is not necessary to have the book, but since it is well known as being a crazy quilting classic readers might want to invest in that too.

A quilt made by Allison Aller. This is in fact a kind of test-run of the templates as you can tell. The quilt was made as a wedding gift for her niece, who was marrying a Captain in the Marines. 
For further enquiries about these templates please contact Carole Samples or
The "fanCwerxAMERICA" Company LLC
4139 North 44 ST
Omaha NE 68111 . 2130
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