Victorian Thimble Pouch

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DMC #8 Perle Crochet Cotton
Size # 14 (2mm) Crochet Hook
Wooden Bead or Small Cotton Reel
Card to make tassel
dc….Double Crochet
trc….Treble Crochet
sl st….Slip Stitch 

With yarn on hook, ch 6, join in first chain with sl st to form a ring.
Round 1:
Ch4, work 17 dc in ring, join with sl st in fourth chain.
Round 2:
Ch4 (counts as first trc, now and throughout), trc3, * miss 2dc, trc4 repeat from * around, join with a sl st to first trc.

Round 3:

Ch4, trc3, * trc1, trc4 in middle of next group of trc.
Repeat from * around, join with a slip st to first trc:
sl. st to centre of next group of trc.  

Diagram #1. The pouch will now start to cup.
Repeat round 3,
5 times until 8 rounds have been worked.
Finish off and weave in ends
Diagram #2 
Cut off a length of thread 2 metres long, fold in half and with the doubled thread work a chain 10 inches long. Tassel: Cut a piece of card 1 ˝ inches square, take a piece of thread approx. 6 inches long and lay across the top of card, wrap thread around the card 40 times and cut off. With the 6” thread tie the top of the tassel wraps as tightly as possible, then carefully cut the threads along the bottom to release from card 
Take another piece of thread and tie around the tassel top,
Attach the tassel to the end of the chain thread.
Thread a bead or small cotton reel onto the chain, then thread chain through the top of the thimble pouch and then back through the bead or cotton reel.. 
This Victorian style thimble pouch makes a lovely addition to a hussif or a needle book 

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