Acme Titanium Sewing Scissors Product Review

Gwen Frazier 2006

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While at Quilt Market, I received a pair of scissors to review from Acme United Corporation. Now I have lots and lots of scissors (in fact, I collect them), but I had never tried a pair of titanium scissors before.

This pair is perfect for Crazy Quilting, because they are very small and sharp. They measure 2 1/2 long and have rubber fatigue grips in the finger circles. The titanium bonded blades are three times stronger than ordinary stainless steel and they are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Acme uses a process that bonds titanium to a stainless steel core to produce a sharper, more durable, and longer lasting cutting edge that is ideal for sewing scissors.

I am very impressed with these scissors.  They have stayed by my side ever since I opened the package. They are perfect for snipping stray threads and I also use them for trimming the seam allowances when crazy piecing.

They carry a lifetime warranty and I highly recommend that you look for them in your local quilting shop.

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