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The Threads & Crafts Book of

Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork


by Di van Niekerk


ISBN 1-84448-090-9

This is a wonderful beginner book, but it also has something for the experienced stitcher. The design is a twelve-panel sampler with each panel able to stand alone as a mini design suitable for a card, ornament or small frame.  However, when the complete set is worked as a single piece it will make a beautiful work of art suitable for framing.

Di van Niekerk begins with a section called "Getting Started" that includes how to transfer the design, a description of the different ribbons and threads used in the designs, the needles, fabrics and hoops. Reading through this section you will know exactly what to purchase before you start the project.

There is a "Stitch Glossary" containing 40 stitches shown in large colored drawings that make it very easy to see exactly how each stitch is formed. The "Stumpwork Techniques" section shows details of how to make stems, detached leaves, detached wings, how to work with beads, padded and ball shapes and ends with how to attach them to the background.

Each panel of the sampler has detailed, illustrated instructions that include a list the supplies needed with pictures showing the needles, threads and ribbons used along with the color names. There is a list of the stitches used as well as the page reference so you can review the stitch instructions if needed. Helpful hints are scattered throughout the book for added assistance.

In addition to the flowers and leaves in the designs, Ms. van Niekerk has given us instructions for a ladybird, butterfly and dragonfly.  She also shows how to weave a basket and portray the ground under the plants and basket.

This is a spectacular reference book and would make a great addition to your stitching library.

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