New Original Collage Art

Collections of Life

by Celeste Blackburn

"I call these projects ‘Collections of Life’ because each is a story from me to you. It’s where I’ve been or where I’d like to be…or, it may be a memory suggested by a scrap of paper that intrigues me enough to delve farther. I am continually surprised by what I choose to include, so these are my unconscious stories. It is my hope they will cause you to see something new about yourself and your world."

You CAN Go Home Again

Your Ship Has Come In

Passionate Legacy

Do Your Home Work  

The prints are approximately 7.5 x 9 for the single prints. Also available in smaller sizes with up to six different prints per page.

All collages in the series, "Collections of Life" are available on cotton and silk…and some are available on canvas. The series is copyrighted and exclusive to Florals & Frills and can be purchased online at .