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In our July issue of CQMagOnline I reported on the wonderful retreat our local group had at Premier Estates in Wallis, Texas. ( We had such a great time and immediately made reservations to return in October. How quickly time passes…. as I write this article we have two weeks before we return.

Our group decided to make a wall hanging to present to the owners to show our appreciation for their wonderful hospitality. It is made with 12 individually finished blocks each tied together with an authentic miniature hangman's noose. We had so much fun creating this and wanted to share the results with each of you.

Julie Sabrusula 

Lynnis Burt &
Barbara Blankenship 

Melanie Hollenshead 

Mary Collins 

Barbara Blankenship 

Mary McClintock & JanCampbell 

Lynnis Burt 

Jan Campbell 

Dolores Chafin 

Julie Yonge 

Linda Balcom 

Charlene Jones 
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