Patternless Purse How-To

Pat Winter 2006

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Hand made purses have become so popular the past few years. Let's face it, they are fun to match with your mood, occasion, and outfit. So why not have a purse for almost every outfit? It is very easy to accomplish even if you don't have a pattern. Follow my simple directions and you are sure to have at least half a dozen by this time next week.

Basic Supplies Needed:
Base fabric
Lining fabric
Fusible interfacing or thin batting (depending on fabric weight)
Pre made or hand made handle
Beads, silk ribbon or any preferred embellishments
Fringe (optional)

I will walk you through my process and you can adjust the measurements to the desired purse size you wish. My pattern makes a 9 X 9 finished purse without handle.

  Step #1- Gather supplies .Cut selected purse fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing to 10 x 24 
  Step#2- Set lining and interfacing aside. With main purse fabric, fold bottom of fabric up 9 and crease with iron. Fold top of same piece down to measure 5 and press crease with iron. This will be the size of your purse with flap. 
  Step#3- Embellish flap however you wish. I used a collage method by sewing on lace, adding an image and embellishing with silk ribbon embroidery and beads.** 
  Step #4- After flap is embellished, iron fusible interfacing or thin batting to wrong side. Lay lining and purse fabric right sides together and stitch all four sides leaving approximately 6 for turning on flap end. 
  Step#5- Turn right sides out, press seams, and fold into purse size as you did in step #1. Sew both sides, attach handle and have fun! 
  **Note: If you are adding fringe like I did in sample purse, place it in the unstitched opening at flap, pin and hand stitch closed. 
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