CQ Treatment for a Readymade Purse

Carol Lindberg 2006

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I recently made this purse for one of my daughters. Here are some pictures of it. She requested that I make it for her birthday which was Feb. 24. I'm just a little late, but she is thrilled with it. Right now she has taken it to the shoe shop to have some 'feet' put on it so it doesn't wear on the bottom.

The back and front of the purse is made with dupioni silk using the crazy patch style and then embellished.  I was fortunate to find a new purse by Bechemal (at Dillards) that I used for the inside. It was a gold cloth on the outside with braided handles and nice gold silky lining. Brand new. I stitched my back and front to the purse by hand and then covered the handles with the matching dupioni silk ruched up. I purchased the ribbon fringe from Attic Heirloom here in Wichita, Kansas. 


I really enjoyed making this even if it did go on forever. LOL I did, however, have a lot of things to do in between the times I worked on it. The next one won't take me so long. I worried all the time I was doing the fun thing (the embellishing) as to how I was going to make it 'stiff' and pulled in at the sides like she wanted.

When I found this purse, I knew it was the answer, because my pieces of the front and back fit perfectly! It closes with a magnetic closure near the top on the inside. Beneath that is a zipper compartment that holds the sides in allowing plenty of room on each side for another zipper pocket and also lots of room down the purse. The gold color blended right in.

Here is another purse I made for a friend. It is slightly different in shape but also has a manufactured purse inside. This purse has a zipper closing that works well with this treatment.

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