My Apologies to Our Readers

Stephanie Novatski © 2006

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Dear Reader,

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to you for not being able to contribute this issue of CQMagOnline. I am sorry I cannot continue the progress on the Memory Tie Quilt, in this issue, because there is none. I am sorry I can't do a book review because I haven't had time to read. I am also sorry for not having something new to show you and create a how to. The reason for all this????? THE WEDDING. My stepson is getting married in November. When they got engaged last September, my future daughter in law (FDIL) asked if I could make a purse for her. Of course I said yes and you saw my creation in the last issue. Since then I have been called upon to make a “few other things” . And then there are the out of body experiences (OOBE) I have been having where I hear a voice that sounds strangely like mine saying “I can do that for you”.

So please let me share what I have been doing that has occupied my time so thoroughly in the past few months.

Bride's Maids Purses (7 of them!). I volunteer to do these during one of those OOBE. My poor sweet FDIL said the purses she ordered for her girls were discontinued. After I made these, she admitted the bridal shop did call and tell her they could have been ordered from another source but I had already volunteered. There are 8 13mm and 15 7mm rolled ribbon roses from hand dyed silk ribbon in shades of Red. The background heart outline, gold leaves and center initial were embroidered by machine. The beading was done by me. 

Ring Bearer Bears:
I asked if there was going to be a ring bearer and lo and behold she is having 2 of them. One is 7 the other 3 so the 7 year old will be holding the hand of the 3-year-old and he will be holding a Teddy bear instead of a pillow. I embroidered the happy couples’ names and the wedding date to applique to the belly. The first one I made is of embroidered satin with Silk ribbon embroidery, beads and crystals. Once it was done, it just didn't look like something a 3 year. old would carry, so I made the furry one which looks strangely like my stepsons Maltese and my favorite grand puppy, Muffin.


Guest Book 
Simple. Quick. Embroidery done by machine with the accents in gold done by hand. Rolled ribbon Roses and rose buds done by hand. 

Stuff for the Shower:
I took one of the invitations and used it to decorate the cover of a padded album to contain pictures and stuff from her shower. I love doing these and will also do one with her wedding invitation. About this time, my mother was invited to a wedding and shower and asked me to do one for the bride.


I also saw these lovely mannequins I thought would make great table center pieces until I saw the price! But I was determined and on my travels I was able to get a deal on 9 forms from a hobby store. They were slightly damaged but nothing I couldn't work around. Here is a picture of the before and after.


I also made thank you notes to coordinate with her invitations. All the envelopes are addressed and I have designated two people to note on stickies attached to the envelope the gift received.

A tip I can share is a quick way to complete those gift registry cards: print the information on clear labels and affix to the cards. The go quickly, look neat, and help prevent Carpal Tunnel and hand cramps!

Another request of my FDIL was for a cottage to hold the guest cards. This had me stumped. She described to me what she wanted and this is what I came up with. I did some basic stick construction and sheathing. It is sided with 1 1/2” double-sided satin ribbon. The roof is covered with petals and has a slit down the center so slide the cards in and one side of the roof lifts to empty it out The heart wreath on the door is made from left over rolled ribbon roses from the Brides Maids purses.

And finally, I just had to make her a doll. I made a doll earlier this year for the Hoffman Challenge (I'm sure you quilters out there are familiar with this contest.) The doll was inspired by a picture my husband gave me while we were dating 20 plus years ago and is of an angry frog with the words "one kiss is not enough!" I dedicated this doll to my FDIL who didn't have to kiss all those frogs, because she found her prince. She saw the doll before it was sent off and just loved it (though she did ask if the frog was my son! Humph!).

Again, I apologize dear reader, but I am sure you will be forgiving and understanding.

See you next issue!

PS: My doll, "One Kiss is Not Enough", came in second in the challenge. Pictures can be seen here.

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