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Shay Toner 2006

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Designed for most man-made lace & other synthetic embellishments!

It was so much fun to play with these new Ozecraft dyes. The promise of an easy to use dye for nylon, polyester, beads and buttons had me surfing through my stash for all those plain Jane embellishments in an effort to create new and amazing adornments for my current projects.

The instructions (yes, I read all the instructions) are as follows:
Put 1 teaspoon of dye and 1 cup of water (this will appear very weak but the color intensifies with heat) into either:

  1. A large plastic baggie tied loosely at the top and bring to a boil in the microwave (approximately 1 min on high). 
  2. A stainless steel pan and bring to a boil on the stove.

Carefully remove from the heat and add embellishments of your choice.

For paler shades one minute will do fine, for medium shades steep five to ten minutes depending on the fiber content and for deep color return to heat source and boil for two to three minutes.

I assembled my three OZEPOL Dyes: pink, mauve and yellow. Dug out my special collection of thrift shop stainless steel pans and glass bowls. I even have scads of rubber gloves, a plastic drop cloth and an old T-shirt. Now I am ready to begin!

My polyester embellishments included a frog, velour, velvet, ribbon, ribbon trim and gimp edging.

The nylon embellishment were organza ribbon, gathered lace, ribbon and net trim with string of pearl beads. I also used MOP, plastic and clear buttons, assorted flux pearls, plastic beaded fringe, purchased satin folded and pleated roses, plastic rings and yellow rick rack. 



Starting with mauve: from right to left are snips of fabric, lace and embellishment after one minute then five minute then boiled two minutes. MOP and fresh water pearls were not effected by the dye. However, I was pleased with the results of everything else. 
Yellow was just as pretty and did dye the MOP buttons I tried. All were steeped five minutes. 


Pink is probably my favorite, especially the trims and beaded fringe. These were steeped one to five minutes 



Peach to orange is the result of mixing pink and yellow in equal parts there was a noticeable difference in color absorption between the nylon and polyester which was nice because it gave a variety of shades. These were steeped five to ten minutes. 

I now possess a drawer full of fabulous colorful treasures. I look forward to purchasing the other four colors and having several more hours of fun and creativity with OZEPOL and Ozecraft dyes.


Floral and Frills "USA source for Ozecraft Dyes"

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