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Sharon Boggon

As you may have heard we are planning a tour of the USA for Sharon Boggon in 2008. Sponsored by and co-hosted by individuals or groups around the country. With the time allotted there will be eight locations chosen from among those applications submitted by November 15, 2006. This information is needed for us to choose those locations where we can gather the required number of students and place the classes in a central location for those students.

There will be four days of classes at each location with twenty students per class. Each location will pick the classes from Sharon's list of classes offered.

We have a Yahoo list to keep everyone updated on events as they happen and allow you to "talk" about the tour. We will also let you know the latest news in each issue of the magazine. Join the group and let us know you will be attending the classes at the location closest to you or if you will travel to a location where classes are going to be held. To Subscribe send an email to:

We have opened a bank account and PayPal account to accept class deposits and allow students to pay for the classes over the next year. We prefer a check or money order as there are no fees with these payments but Credit Cards payments must be made through PayPal. For more information write to Nora at

We will have souvenirs available for purchase for students and those who are unable to attend. These items include T-Shirts, tote bags, mugs and more. Proceeds from the sale of these tour souvenirs will fund a one day scholarship at each location. You may request a scholarship for yourself or someone else. Submit an email to Nora at in the subject line put scholarship and in the body of the email list the name, address and phone number of the person you think should receive a scholarship as well as the reason you think he/she is deserving of the scholarship.

We will choose one scholarship for each location and notify the winners. All names will be kept in confidence and the scholarship winners will be added to the class roster as a paid student for one day.

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