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Nora Creeach 2006

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Bead Embroidery
The Complete Guide

Bring New Dimension to Classic Needlework

by Jane Davis



This hard backed book opens to the spiral binding that allows it to remain flat and easy to read as you stitch. We begin with the basics, about 30 pages of Stitches at a Glance. There are pictures of the different stitches and each has the page number to instructions on how to duplicate the stitches.

The instructions in Section 2 are clear and easy to follow with drawings and pictures of each stitch or treatment.

Section 3 contains twenty one different projects, many are small gift type projects. Many incorporate silk ribbon embroidery, drawn work and more with the beading. There are pillows, framed projects, tote bags and a purse including some accessories. We have directions for motifs, beaded edging and fringe.

This will be a rewarding addition to your needlework library.


This rose, made by Shay Toner, is one of the projects in the book.

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