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Nora Creeach 2006

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Look over this issue carefully. There are some wonderful articles on dying by Sandie Willmott and Shay Toner. Lynn Schoeffler tells us of her visit to The Old Library and Lacis with lots of gorgeous eye candy. African Folklore Embroidery by Leora Raikin shares with us her passion for this fun and interesting style of embroidery. The color orange moves from dislike to WOW in the hands of Nancy Combs.

Final pictures of the Making Juvenile Diabetes a Little More Bearable Quilt are shown as well as a lovely thank you note from the Greater Blue Ridge Chapter JDRF. We here on staff also want to thank all of you that donated a block and sometimes two and especially Kimber Pekora for taking on the project and finishing it for us.

As you may have heard we are planning a tour of the USA for Sharon Boggon in 2008. The Tour will be sponsored by CQMagOnline.com and co-hosted by individuals or groups around the country. We can not clone her so there will be only 8 teaching stops around the country. Page 2 and 3 of the article contain the application for those wishing to host Sharon's classes as well as the classes to be offered. Join sharonstrip group at yahoo to keep up with events between issues of the magazine.

There are many more great articles for your pleasure and we appreciate your feedback.

1887: Crazy Blocks al dente an article by Kimberly Wulfert, PhD on a collection of pieced blocks from approximately 1880 - 1890. They have not been embellished but are worth checking out for the use of fabrics and piecing details. You can see where some simple seam treatments are begun on block two.

Remember our troops overseas with a card or two. Directions are free and there are 53 patterns for different kinds of cards including paper piecing. With the coming Holidays a handmade card will let the folks far away from home know we are thinking of them. You will find the project here.

Our apologies, we are late with this issue because of computer problems. I was finally able to get satellite broadband, the only type available in my area of the country. We also got much needed rain here in Northeast Texas. The rain caused my satellite service to be interrupted and the modem had to be reset. A simple procedure according to the tech support. Just unplug the modem wait a few minutes and plug it in again.

I follow directions well but the hardware was not listening to tech support on the phone. When I plugged the modem into the surge protector a blue flame shot passed me and nothing worked. It took almost a week, in the middle of getting the magazine ready, for someone to come out to the house and fix the problem. My computer, satellite feed and modem were all fine but the surge protector (they had insisted I use theirs) had a short in it. So I ended up with everything plugged into my own surge protector and working fine but that pushed us into Rissa's trip to EGA where she only has internet connection part time.

Until next time,

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