'Little Bags of Add-ons'


Little Bag of Elegance
Assortments of elegant embellishments for crazy quilts and garments from my personal 'stash.' You can be sure each will have at least eight items and a good buy for your personal stash. 

Little Bag of Dyed Venise
An assortment of hand-dyed venise pieces just right to embellish quilts or garments. Each bag will be unique - approximately $14 if pieces are purchased separately, the 'Little Bag' is a real bargin. 

Little Bag of Ribbon & Sequins
A combination of adorable woven polka dot ribbon and beautiful irridescent sequins that blend and coordinate beautifully. Great trims for dolls, crazy quilts, cards, etc. There is 1 yard of 5 colors of both the sequins and the ribbons, for a total of 10 yards. 

Little Bag of Velvet Leaves
These are the best velvet leaves we have ever found. Each bag will contain 6 stems with 3 wonderful leaves. The colors are really pretty, rose/cream/green/, burgandy/gold, tan/cream, green/taupe, green/brown/gold, and green/olive. We like to take them apart and use them separately. The size of the leaves varies, from 1 3/4" x 2" to 1" x 1 3/4". We think you will love these as much as we do. 

Little Bag of Sequins
Each bag contains five one-yard pieces of hard to find, unique colors of irridescent sequins. Very cool colors, including tangerine, lime, blue, lavender and pink. 

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