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Winner for this issue's Readers' Showcase is:

Debra Bopp

Please contact Nora at the address below to claim your prize!

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We are currently seeking photos of your CQ projects, especially those offered here, to be included in our Readers' Showcase, which will be featured with each issue.

Prizes will be awarded by random drawing.  All entrants submitting photos for publication in the Readers' Showcase are eligible to win. 

Please include your name, photo of your project, and a brief description.  Check out How to Submit A Photo to CQMagOnline for details. 


SharonB on Tour by Nora Creeach
CQMagOnline is sponsoring
Sharon on a US teaching tour in 2008! 

Take A Stitch Tuesdays by Sharon Boggon
Sharon introduces her forthcoming stitch challenge.

Black Magic Neckpiece by Julia Camilleri
Julia made this wonderful beaded necklace.

Simple And Quick Tote Bag by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara shares her ideas for this wonderful tote bag.

Evening Bag/Wedding Bag by Gwen Frazier 
Gwen made this lovely little bag for her daughter's wedding.

CQ Treatment for a Readymade Purse by Carol Lindberg
Carol takes a store bought purse and turns it into a CQ purse.

CORIíS CACHE -- A Work In Progress by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn takes us along as she starts her journey to another embellished box.

Patternless Purse How-To by Pat Winter
Pat demonstrates how to make a purse without a pattern.

Making Juvenile Diabetes a Little More Bearable Quilt by Kimber Pekora
Kimber showcases the last batch of blocks received and the finished quilt made by our staff and readers.

African Folklore Embroidery by Leora Raikin
Leora share her passion for this style of embroidery.

BOI by Pat Winter
Pat presents this installment of our Block of the Issue.

A New Stained Glass Technique by Allison Aller
Allison has  a cool way of creating the stained glass look in quilts.

Orange, I Am Glad I Did It by Nancy Combs
Nancy stretches her boundaries by trying a new color.

My Apologies to Our Readers by Stephanie Novatski
Stephanie has been very busy with her son's wedding.

Another One of Our Own by Nancy Combs
Nancy turns the spotlight on Pat Winter.

What Was In The Old Library by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn does a follow-up on her article from last issue.

Vintage Vanities by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn dresses up some vintage vanity bottles.

Back to the Future at Lacis by Lynn Schoeffler
Lynn takes us on a virtual tour of Lacis, a one of a kind shop, distributor and museum in Berkeley, California.

Crazy Quilting Texas Style by Barbara Blankenship
Barbara follows-up on her article about her local CQ group.

Stitching Essentials Box by Pat Winter
Pat creates a cool sewing tote from a cigar box.

The Flowering Tea Bag by Pat Winter
Pat shows us how to create a flower from a tea bag.

Hand Dyeing/Painting Lace, Ribbon & Threads by Sandie Willmott
Sandie explores hand paint dyeing techniques.

OZEPOL DYES New Product From Ozecraft by Shay Toner
Shay puts the new Ozepol Dyes to the test in her own kitchen.

A Special Thank You from the Greater Blue Ridge Chapter JDRF
A special thanks to everyone who participated in our outreach project.

Re-creating Flowers From The Garden by Linda Gibb
Linda uses the Turkey Stitch to create great embroidered flowers.

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Books in Review:

Vintage Tinted Linens & Quilts reviewed by Kimber Pekora & Mathew Pekora

Jane Davis' Bead Embroidery: The Complete Guide reviewed by Nora Creeach

A Final Word:

Editor's Notes by Nora Creeach
A word or two from our esteemed editor about our latest issue.

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