And Then It Was Done!

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As you may remember, dear readers, last issue I was working furiously to finish “Cori’s Cache” in time for her birthday. Although I didn’t finish the box in time for the October issue, my fantasy forest at midnight was a hit at the party, even with a brand-new teenager!   

Here are a few detail photos:

I really enjoyed participating in several Squishy Swaps last year: I was saved by the perfect pink that Jill Phillips sent. I’d also like to thank Emiko Sato in Japan for her delicate crochet motif that formed a beautiful ground for the SRE here:      
  Rengin Yazitas in Istanbul (or her Mom?) did the lavender turquoise crochet round that turned into the Gilly Flower here—I folded it not quite half way, couched it down, and added the golden stamens for a bit of sparkle.   
  Although you might not be able to see it in the photo, the beautiful flower here was hand-painted by Suellene Petersen, left over from an art-quilt she was working on. The exact shade of carnation I needed, it also lent an interesting perspective to the piece.   
Lastly, these little trees were purchased in a bookstore. I have no idea what they were originally packaged for (the wrapping didn’t say), but they made a great forest. Here’s a close up for you to copy if you’d like—they were made from wire and plastic beads, and I whip stitched them to the background with Edmar B.E. thread.   

Thanks for the help, ladies—I hope you enjoyed seeing how I used your squishy gifts!

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