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Barbara Blankenship 2007

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'Exclusively You' is a new product I discovered at the Quilt Market. I attended one of their demonstrations and loved their unique ideas for making purses. Choosing from many colors and textures of mock croc or faux leather you can create any imaginable design. Purse handles, panels, metal hardware and embellishments are available for your choosing. You can find 'Exclusively You' in many of your local craft stores and online at: www.leisurearts.com (type mock croc in the search box)

My local craft store carries their line and has free patterns available on occasion. I picked up one for a wallet and decided to experiment. I was pleased with the outcome. It's a really easy project taking approximately one hour to complete. I will give you the easy-to-follow instructions and a picture of my finished project.



  • 1 (8 x 11) panel of mock croc or faux leather (available in 14 colors) Note: there is a lightweight for cutting embellishments and a heavier weight for wallets, purses, etc; purchase the heavier weight.
  • matching fabric
  • craft punch
  • RibbonRuffles
  • fusible web
  • pinking shears
  • large eye needle
  • magnetic clasp


  1. Round the edges on one end of the leather panel, making sure they match.
  2. Cut a matching fabric piece smaller than the faux leather, pink the edges.
  3. Fuse the fabric to the wrong side of the faux leather.
  4. Fold the bottom edge up 4 this will be the pocket portion of the wallet.
  5. Mark holes to punch on each side of the 4 section.
  6. Mark hole placement for the curved edge. I marked holes apart.
  7. Using the RibbonRuffles, whip stitch through each hole and then sew a running stitch back through the holes.
  8. Attach the magnetic clasp
  9. With a button or decorative piece, cover the magnetic clasp on the flap of the wallet. I took a piece of leather cut in a circle approximately larger than the exposed clasp. I did a beaded picot edging around the edges with a matching color of #15 seed bead. This can be glued in place with E6000 glue or any other craft glue.


www.leisurearts.com  Leisure Arts or local craft store: Faux leather, craft punch, magnetic clasp
www.ribbonsmyth.com  RibbonSmyth: Ribbon Ruffles
www.quiltingarts.com  Quilting Arts: Misty Fuse

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