BOI January 2007

Rita Ellison Goff 2007

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This issue our BOI was pieced by Rita Ellison Goff as her contribution in a Crazy Quilt Round Robin. When the piece is returned home to Rita it will be embellished and ready to use.

Perhaps we will be able to see what has been added and how the block is to be used when it comes back home. Depending on the number of people in a RR and how long each will keep the block, before passing it on, it can often take a year before it returns.

Editor's Note:
Notice the floral pattern in the patch toward the center of the block. The rest of the patches take their colors from this floral patch. Some of the patches also include a leaf pattern to further extend the floral design. This is a good formula to follow when designing your blocks especially when you are not sure how to proceed.

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