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For the third year, it has been my pleasure to represent CQMagOnline at the Houston International Quilt Market and Festival. Gwen Frazier and I met in Houston and spent four days immerged in the wonderful world of quilting. Held each year in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, this show is reported to be the largest in the world. If you are making vacation plans for late October or early November, I would recommend Houston as a destination.

This year three of our staff members had their wonderful creations on display. Stephanie Novatski's doll, “One Kiss is not Enough” won second place in the Hoffman challenge. Not only is Stephanie an accomplished crazy quilter; her creative talent is represented in the beautiful hand-painted faces of each of her creations. Stephanie's talent as a writer can be seen in the story written for each of her wonderful dolls.

Pictured here is Pat Winter's crazy quilt entry in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge. Pat's signature style and wonderful creativity can be seen in her beautiful stitching and choice of colors. Pictures never capture the true beauty of crazy quilting. To see all the wonderful stitching and silk ribbon embroidery in this fabulous quilt requires an up-close view.

Kimber Pekora is another of our talented staff members whose crazy quilt was displayed among the entries in the $100,000 Quilting Challenge. Her talent and creativity is well represented in this beautiful quilt. Isn't it wonderful to have such talented artists writing for CQMagOnline?

Throughout the coming year we will share ideas and projects we found at the quilt market. We will also feature articles written by some of the talented artists who taught classes. I always look forward to learning new idea from the Hanah silk designers. Diane Ricks has graciously agreed to write an article in one of our upcoming issues on her beautiful velvet rose pictured here. 

Another article will give directions for a strawberry pincushion using the Hanah silk velvet. The Artemis line of hand-dyed silk velvet equals the beauty of their wonderful ribbons.

I look forward to sharing information and ideas in this year's CQMagOnline. I hope you enjoy the tips, techniques and ideas from the 2006 Houston International Quilt Market and Festival.

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