Make A Recycled Pillow

Carol Lindberg 2007

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This is how I used an old pillow to make a new one with my CQ RR block. I know a lot of us have to watch our 'retirement' incomes since they don't go very far. Recycling is one way to save money.
  First I ripped open the pillow and took out a lot of stuffing so that my RR block would fit. Both the pillow and block measured 18" square but the extra stuffing made the pillow seem bigger and the CQ block had shrunk because of the embellishments.  
  Next, I cut 4 bias strips of the same fabric as the backing of the finished new pillow.  
I used these strips over the welting of the original pillow on each of the four sides. I sewed the bias strips by hand. This is a lot of handwork, stitching each side, but it saved the money to purchase a new pillow form. My pillow happened to be a "Dakota" brand pillow which was very nice but it no longer matched our home. This was an economical way to use the pillow, plus I had some very nice stuffing (the extra I had removed) to use in another project.    

I carefully folded back the edge and pinned my block (the front of the new pillow) around the four sides, then hand stitched it to the covered welting. I then repeated pinning and hand stitching of the matching fabric backing to the opposite side of the welting.


My pillow is finished!. I have saved the price of a new pillow form plus have a really delightful pillow with such wonderful memories of the RR that embellished it. I'll now go spend what I saved on BEADS for another project!

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