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There are many ways to create flowers using Silk Ribbon Embroidery. I know I'm not alone when I admit to having just about every available book on the subject. Perhaps because I am not one to take classes, for personal reasons, so I look to my surrounding such as my garden for additional inspiration and possible design lessons.

I venture into my garden to photograph weekly blooms when available. I like to make cards from my photos as well as keep a scrapbook for reference. This usually works great, until I wanted to recreate one of my favorite flowers on my family crazy quilt, the Campanula. The Campanula is a dainty, yet wonderfully hardy perennial, which spreads like wild fire in my garden. It reminds me of a fairy skirt with its pale pink with wine speckled bell shape blossom.

They grow in very dense clusters. I gathered my silk ribbons and set to work. My first attempt was pathetic and looked like bugs had been eating it. My second and third were not much better. I saw this as a simple flower with simple lines however I could not get it to look right. I put my project away in disgust. Recently, I decided it was time to try again, but this time I would employ the help of my fellow stitching friends.

Campanula Clusters 

Campanula Closeup 

SRE Campanula by Ati 

I posted a challenge on my blog, along with a picture, in case the challenger had not seen a Campanula. I was very excited to see a few respond, and Ati from Norway sent me her results. It was perfect; she even used pink specked silk ribbon.

I wanted to share this story with you because it may encourage you to challenge each other more often. Learning from each other is a great way to meet new people who share your passion for needlework or any fiber art. If you are uncomfortable in a class situation, or there are no classes available in your area, join an online group and introduce yourself. Last year I received several emails thanking me for various tutorials and articles I have shared through online groups, private email, from my website, and in CQMagOnline.

It is a great feeling to know you could help, just like it was a great feeling to now have a friend offer her time to stitch up a sample for me. Thank you Ati, goodies are coming your way.

Ati Ham Sas is from Norway . I asked her to tell a bit about herself, and here is her reply:

"I have sewn as long as I can remember; made a cross-stitch sampler when I was 9 years old. Have done all kinds of handwork. Since 1989 sane quilts and about a year ago I have started with CQ. I like it very much; no rules and I can use all my skills and my fantasy. I started with SRE about 6 months ago. Pat has a heart from me, that was the second thing I made with silk ribbon. I like to work with silk ribbon because it turns out so beautifully every time I try something new".

May I suggest if you have a website or blog, add it to your email as a signature so we can all learn from each other . You have nothing to lose and much to gain. There are many challenges for us to take part in such as ”Take A Stitch Tuesdays” with Sharon Boggon , AKA Sharon B.


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