Crazy Quilted Christmas Tree

Pat Winter © 2007

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Two weeks before Christmas, I was given a green piece of paper cut in the shape of a Christmas tree. I was told to decorate it however I wished. Naturally, I had to gather my fabrics and start piecing it in crazy patch. I chose a suitable holiday image for the center, then used various green fabrics to build the tree. I placed a piece of muslin over the paper tree and cut out the shape, adding ¼” all around.

When the piecing was completed, I placed the paper tree over the back and cut the fabrics hanging over the tree form. I used red silk ribbon to embroider Fargo roses, Kreinik Metallic threads for my seams so they would be more festive, beads and charms. I won a prize! Plus I get to keep my tree. I am going to appliqué it onto a pillow for my mother. She tends to get my “experiments” and is always pleased. This project allowed me to think beyond a crazy patch square which was refreshing. I may do a candy cane shape for next year…or perhaps a bell..or....

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