Creating a Memory Quilt from Ties Part 2

Stephanie Novatski 2007

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Now that the wedding is behind us, I can get back to this project started in the July 2006 issue. I still had a few of decisions to make: first the layout, second the colors and third what fabrics I am going add to the ties.

Deciding on the design layout wasn't that difficult. I really love doing fan blocks and I thought I would like an area in the center to place a heart with some information about Dino to be decided by his widow. I also want to incorporate printed silks of his favorite things like a Jack Daniel's label, a corvette emblem, Wily Coyote among others into the blocks. I think this is best layout for my project. I am going to make a few changes: I plan to make the blocks 8" instead of 6" and add another 1" border between the strip border and the body of the quilt. 

I looked at the ties and grouped them by color. This was a little hard to do since most of them fell into the same category---grays/blacks with reds and greens predominately. I really didn't want the quilt to look too somber, so decided I had to bring in as many other colors as I could without clashing with the ties.

I pulled out the ties again and arranged them so I could see all the patterns and colors. I then grouped my silks in the following categories: Brights, Muted/darks, Earthtones, Golds/Browns, and Pastels and placed the color groups with the ties.






I immediately ruled out the Golds/Brown and Pastels. The Brights were too bright but bringing in some may add a bit of pop. I really liked the Earth Tones and Muted/darks but the Muted/Darks would be too somber and the earthtones alone would be too blah. I decided to do each fan to represent a primary or secondary color on the color wheel and to add two tertiary colors such as turquoise (blue-green) and red-violet since I have ties that would fit. The remainder of the block would be Muted/Darks. This would give me the ability to pull in some brights to add pop, to "stretch" the ties I had color wise and the Muted/Darks would provide a nice background for embellishing.

I drew out two different Fan blocks, and by reversing the design I have 4 different blocks. I am using the paper piecing method and transferred the designs to my base fabric (muslin). I have pieced four blocks, purple, yellow, red and green and am pleased with the results. I think I will embellish the fans with threads and fibers in their color family with the emphasis on brights and metallics to enhance the monochromatic effect.

Next issue, I hope to have all the blocks pieced. I still have to decide how I will treat the crazy patch blocks between the fan blocks. I am leaning towards blending the colors with the adjacent fans, using the same ties, and filling in with the muted/darks. Anyone have any ideas?

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