Jones Tones Foil Paper

Nora Creeach 2007

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Jones Tones Foil Paper is fun and easy to use in order to add metallic sparkle to your crazy quilting bag of tricks. There are a couple of ways to use the foil paper. You can add dimensional designs to your project with the foiling glue, and flat applications can be worked into your design with the double sided tape.

Dimensional Application:
Draw the design you wish to foil onto the surface of your piece as you wish it to appear when finished. This can be a part of the original fabric print or a motif you wish to add to the piece. The glue will leave a raised design exactly as you drew it with the glue tube.

Allow the glue to dry, it will dry clear although it comes from the tube as a milky white.

Place the foil shiny side down onto the dry raised glue and rub to adhere the foil. Peel off the foil and reapply to any missed spots. You will be able to see clearly where the foil has lifted from the backing so you can use every bit of foil. The foil backing is clear when all the foil has been transferred to your project.

Mistakes and missed area can be fixed by adding more glue, allowing it to dry and add more foil. The foil on clothing can be washed with a mild soap, turned inside out, on the gentle cycle. I have not laundered my samples but would assume, since they cannot be turned inside out on a crazy quilt project, they could be placed into a pillow case for laundering. Please test first.

I should mention that the tube of glue is a fairly soft plastic that does not require sealing. Originally there is a cardboard disk over the end of the tube, under the writer tip, that must be removed to allow the glue to flow through the tip. I replaced the cardboard when finished before I realized the clear cap has an application that automatically seals the tip. This is a very user friendly glue that cleans up with soap and water. The application is wonderful for arthritic hands in that it does not flow unaided but to maintain a smooth flow takes very little effort or hand strength.

Flat Application:
Place double sided tape on your project following the design lines you wish. Then apply the foil shiny side up and rub to adhere the foil. This is exactly opposite of the above glue application.

The flat application would be a wonderful way to add metallic accents to your piece. Cut designs from the double sided tape, then add a random swarm of metallic dragonflies, in all the different colored foils, across your block. Let your imagination go and send us pictures!

Purchase at your local craft store; if they don't carry Jones Tones products ask that they stock them.

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