A Letter To Our Readers

Nancy Combs 2007

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As this is the first issue of CQMagOnline for the New Year, I think we need to take time to address the "hows" and "whys" of CQMagOnline. I would like to cover some of them in this letter.

CQMagOnline is a wholly volunteer effort. No one is paid for any contribution they make in seeing CQMagOnline published quarterly. Thankfully, we now have sponsors who provide the funds necessary to pay for the web hosting, which enables us to continue to offer CQMagOnline to our readers free of charge. We urge you to support these sponsors.

We also greatly appreciate the many authors who provide the great articles for each issue. They do this with out any monetary compensation. We are so grateful to all the generous people who are so willing to give of their time and talent.

Our Readers' Showcase is one of our favorite parts of CQMagOnline. Nora sends a very nice prize to the winner* of each issue. We encourage all our readers to submit work they would like to see in the showcase.

We would like to ask a favor of those who do win. After you receive your prize, please send Nora a note saying you received it. We have no way of tracking the prizes sent. Nora pays for the postage out of her own pocket and it seems excessive to ask her to pay for insurance or delivery confirmation.

I would be remiss if I did not say how hard Nora and Rissa work to get CQMagOnline ready for publication. They deserve many thanks for all the long hours they volunteer. It is a time consuming process.

CQMagOnline staff not only write articles, they proof each issue. They do their best to see each picture is clickable, punctuation is correct, and that the articles are concise and readable without changing the authors intent.

We hope you will continue to enjoy CQMagOnline. I know I can say that the staff wants to provide a quality magazine, with articles our readers will enjoy, featuring the art of Crazy Quilting and related components.

*Editor's Note:  Each issue a winner is chosen from the Readers' Showcase by random drawing.  Winning is not based on either the number, content, or quality of the pictures submitted.  Everyone has an equal chance of winning for any issue for which they submit photos of their work.
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