Victorian Crazy Quilt Lamp Shade: Quick 'n Easy!

Linda Gibbs 2007

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Lamp shades come in all sizes - whether it is a little shade to go over a candle, a larger shade for a bedroom dresser lamp, or your lamp at the end of a hallway...all sized lamps have shades that can be decorated in crazy quilt style.

This project is FUN, fast and another great gift idea. Once again, gather those small pieces of assorted fabric scraps that you just couldn't bring yourself to throw away. I like to include solids, textures, compatible prints and colors.


  • 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
  • Tacky glue
  • Assortment of fabric scraps
  • Assortment of trims
  • Pillow Edge Trim or Beaded fringe


A tip: It is always better to start a new project with something small.

Step 1: Your first piece of fabric should be a rectangle (4-sided). Now, cut off one of the corners. You now have a piece of fabric with 5-sides. Lay the fabric wrong side up.

Step 2: Lightly spray the adhesive (a light, fine mist) on the fabric. Let dry slightly to "tacky" stage - it will be easy to work with, but will not stick to your fingers and you will not end up with glue all over your fingers/hands. Pick up and smooth over center of lamp shade.

Step 3: Select and cut fabric pieces in various shapes, spray their wrong sides with adhesive as in Step 2, and smooth them into place around lamp shade (like a jigsaw puzzle). You can add different fabrics by laying them in place on the lamp shade, and if you are satisfied then spray and adhere them to the lamp shade.

Step 4. Select an assortment of trims to place between the various fabric pieces. Again, lay the trim on the lamp shade and if you are satisfied, then lightly spray the adhesive on the backside of trim and add. Tacky glue is another option for adding your trims.

Step 5. You can select and add a pillow trim edge to the bottom of your lamp shade. You can also add beaded fringe.

Have FUN and ENJOY. Believe me, this can become addictive!

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