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Beaded Crazy Quilting

Cindy Gorder

ISBN-13: 978-0-87349-892-0


Cindy Gorder has given us a great deal of information for CQ beginning with the fabrics, foundations, needles, and threads. She breaks down the threads into sewing, embroidery and beading showing us by word and pictures what to look for in our piecing and embellishing. Also discussed are beads, buttons, charms, trims, fibers and tools to help with our projects, and this is only in the Introduction.

The Techniques section tells us how to prepare a patch, transfer the pattern, building a crazy quilt as well as the care and cleaning of your work. There is a little about basic stitches in this section but the major stitch tutorials come later in the book where there are examples of the stitches, diagrams and instructions. These make it very easy to learn new stitches and review those we already know.

There are twenty three projects each with step-by-step instructions, photographs (400 in color) and diagrams showing the embroidery and bead stitches. Fifteen full size appliqué for the projects are also included as are detailed instructions for painting the fabric. I think my favorite is the peacock feather motif. There are 17 pictures detailing the stitching and beading of this motif. It is placed on a gift bag but would be equally stunning on a neck pouch of as a stand alone pendant.

All together this is a great book for beginners and worthy of space in an experienced stitchers library.

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